JFAB Elbow Switch

Stainless steel elbow switch

Swedish quality Elbow push-buttons since 1980.

Stainless steel elbow switch with different push-button variants, like built in or external laying buttons for surface-mounted installation, and a variety of front materials like high end stainless steel, brass and copper, and custom RAL color combinations, we are safe to say that we can meet our clients every need and wishes.
Can also be delivered with IP67 rating for more durable outdoor usage.

For activating automatic doors

Elbow switch for every project and building

Elbow switch / door openers in genuine Scandinavian quality. Our most common model with fronts of high end stainless steel, brass or copper, create a unique design in combination with excellent quality. For nearly 40 years we have provided our partners and clients push-buttons, suitable for every project or design. Our strength has always been the flexibility to meet the clients demands and design wishes. All of our push buttons can be custom designed in different RAL colors and front material. We also offer damp-proof micro-switch, IP class 67, and the ability to add an extra micro-switch for custom needs.
In short, your design ideas and imagination is our reality.

Elbow switch stainless steel

Idea to reality

Subcontract work

We have provided subcontract services since 1962 and have helped several clients and partners with their concept och design projects. From concept to full production product. Your imagination and ideas are our reality! Contact us today and let us know how we can help.
Forgot to check the stove?

Stove guard

The stove guard Trygger is installed on the wall directly over the kitchen stove. The built in sensor will automatically monitor and shut the stove down if the heat gets to high.

For Electrical Cabinet

Remote Release Unit

Remote Release Unit 33-201 is developed by JFAB CENMATIC and is mainly used for new constructions.


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